What's On?

This week in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre (full details below)
Monday 19th 8.00pm: Rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tuesday 20th 10.30am: Art group - painting in oils and acrylics
Tuesday 20th 10.30am: School tour
Tuesday 20th 2.00pm: Rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tuesday 20th 4.30pm: Guitar with David Crowe
Tuesday 20th 5.30pm: Guitar with David Crowe (New beginners class)
Tuesday 20th 8.00pm: Rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tuesday 20th 8.00pm: AA meeting 
Wednesday 21st 10.30am: School tour  
Wednesday 21st 3.00pm: Tuatha Meeting 
Thursday 22nd 10.00am: School tour
Thursday 22nd 12.00pm: Drop-in art/Self-directed Learning 
Thursday 22nd 2.00pm: Rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Saturday 24th 2.00pm: Rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Sunday 25th 10.00am to 5.00pm: Workshop with Ma Uta Kumara Maori Elder Shaman
Coming Soon
A Midsummer Night's Dream performance on 1st July. Contact us for more details.

Bilberry Sunday celebration and launch of the King at the Back of the Hill anthology on 30th July
6th Anniversary Celebration and Heritage event on 20th August
Don't miss our summer camps and workshop weeks over the summer!

Arts and crafts group
Are you interested in arts and crafts? Want to learn some new skills in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere? Come along to the arts and crafts group on Thursdays from 12.00 to 2.00pm, €10 per person (including free tea/coffee). Activities include drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, felting and weaving. Contact us for more details.

Self-directed Learning
Drop in to be creative or learn something new at our self-directed learning day from 12.00pm to 5.00pm every Thursday. €5 per person, per hour to use our art room, library and materials. Resources include books, project materials, toys, games, jigsaws. You can try everything from your ABCs to college level course texts in a range of subjects including art, literature, history, science, languages etc. Open to all ages from toddler to adult, lots of guidance available on request.

Painting Oils and Acrylics
Painting group meet on Tuesdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Oils or acrylics, contact 086 3027602 for more details.

Guitar lessons with David Crowe
Guitar for all ages from 6+ on Tuesdays at 4.30pm. Contact David on 087 6831873 for more details

French for children
Classes with Le Petit Chat for 1st to 6th Class on Thursdays at 5pm. Elvira from Le Petit Chat teaches in association with La Jolie Ronde. Call 086 2367105 for more details

Cook n Dine
Coming again soon. Watch chef Martin O'Connor prepare starters, main courses and desserts each week as he fills you with tips and advice on shopping, preparing and cooking fabulous food. Then sit down and eat together. €25 per week. Contact the chef for more details.
Call Martin if you are interested on 086 1739513 or 043 3324748

Elements of Art course
Our Elements of Art course is a structured introduction to line, tone, shape, colour, texture, pattern, form and space in art. Each lesson is linked with other curriculum areas including history and science. You can follow along here creativeardaghartelements.blogspot.ie

Other courses to start subject to demand
If you are interested in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Irish conversation courses or Maths, English or Art History Leaving Cert grind clubs please let us know and we will provide these subject to demand.

Creative Longford
A support network for all crafters in the area, Creative Longford meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 11.00am. Come along to find out more.

Ardagh ICA Guild
This Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is on 13th June at 8.00pm. Please come along, bring a friend and support this new Guild.

Ardagh, Moydow Reaching Out group
Ardagh Moydow was the first Longford parish to sign up on the Ireland Reaching Out Programme and we had Henry Healy (of the O'Bama clan) visiting us in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. We have regular meetings with the aim of helping people find their Ardagh Moydow roots. Find out more on www.irelandxo.com/group/ardagh-and-moydow-longford 

Group Sessions and Tours
To book a class or course for your group get in touch with Annette or Ann (see groups page for more details).
Entry to the heritage exhibition is free on Thursdays from 12 to 5pm. Otherwise tours including a local history talk can be booked at a special price of €5 per person. Scones and tea/coffee or lunch options can be arranged for groups at an extra cost. Pre-booking essential.

School Tours
To book a tour for your class contact us for an affordable, educational, fun trip. (see school programmes page for more details)

If you want a fun-filled, hassle-free, creative party for your child, or maybe even yourself, contact us to book a date. We provide arts and crafts, play and games tailored to whatever theme interests the party boy or girl. We have had fairy princesses, knights and dragons, Star Wars, dinosaurs and volcanos, superheros, Hawaiian and many, many more themes. You just tell us the theme and we dream up the fun activities. €10.00 per person including free tea, coffee and Miwadi. Bring your own food. You just come and have fun and go home with great memories! We have repeat birthdays every year and no party is the same as the theme decides the party so book now for your unique experience!

Bookings now accepted for all Creative Ardagh courses and events.
Call (086) 3027602/(087) 2326553 or email creativeardagh@gmail.com for more details.