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Photo by Michael Croghan
Elements of Art course
Creative Ardagh are delighted to announce this exciting art course which will return soon on Thursdays from 4 to 5pm. Each class costs €7 per person or €50 for 8 weeks. Our Elements of Art course is a structured introduction to line, tone, shape, colour, texture, pattern, form and space in art. Each lesson is linked with other curriculum areas including history and science. Check out for more details, or to participate from home or school.

Our art, craft and creativity classes offer children a chance to develop creativity across a range of media from visual arts and crafts to photography, creative writing, drama and story-telling. We  provide the support and stimulus necessary for each student to develop their own creative strengths at their own pace, instilling self-confidence, resilience and problem-solving skills as well as practical arts, craft and design techniques. All programmes are developmentally appropriate and carefully planned to allow each individual to increasingly follow their own interests and express themselves creatively. Each pupil will be encouraged to keep a creativity journal of their ideas, experiments and design plans. The creativity classes are designed to be mainly student led, developing creatively in a range of media.

Photo by Michael Croghan

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