Group classes and tours

At Creative Ardagh we offer a chance to pursue your own creative journey in a relaxed environment surrounded by local history and natural heritage. Providing inspiration and guidance, without prescriptive step-by-step instructions, we will offer courses in a range of arts and craft media from drawing, painting and printing, to weaving and embroidery and lots in between. We are available to cater for groups of all ages at a time that suits you. Call Annette on (086) 3027602, Ann on (086) 1717925 or email to arrange your group class.

Self-directed Learning Drop in to be creative or learn something new at our self-directed learning day from 12.00pm to 5.00pm every Thursday. €5 per person, per hour to use our art room, library and materials. Resources include books, project materials, toys, games, jigsaws. You can try everything from your ABCs to college level course texts in a range of subjects including art, literature, history, science, languages etc. Open to all ages from toddler to adult, lots of guidance available on request.

Heritage and History Group Tours
Entry to the heritage exhibition is free on Thursdays from 12 to 5pm. Otherwise tours including a local history talk can be booked at a special price of €5 per person. Scones and tea/coffee or lunch options can be arranged for groups at an extra cost. Pre-booking essential.

Group workshop options
Each workshop is individually tailored to the needs of the group. Families welcome. All ages from toddlers to adults catered for. Most are possible at short notice, subject to availability, so if your weather dependent activity is cancelled and you are looking for an alternative way to spend the time, give us a call. Below are just some of the options available.

Group prices: (Minimum of 4) One hour €15 pp. Half day €30 pp. Full day €50 pp.
Tuition, all materials and tea/coffee are provided

For less than 4 people prices as follows: €25 each per hour, €50 each half day or €85 each full day.

Paint the Legend
Bringing the Midir and Etain legend to life: listen to our storyteller, get inspired by the sculpture, stained glass and paintings of the characters in our collection and paint your favourite scene. Alternatively you can choose to recreate the characters with clay or fabric collage.

Drawing History
Depending on the weather this drawing workshop will take place inside or outside. Come and explore some of the interesting objects in our collection or the built environment of the village, learn its history as you draw in a range of media including charcoal, pastel, crayon, pencil, marker and pen and ink.

Woodland Fabric Painting / Batik
Be inspired by a walk in our woods then create your own fabric painting of the scene. Bring your own white cotton (t-shirt or similar sized fabric).

Creative Embroidery / Fabric Collage
Gathering inspiration from the little details around you, create your own fabric collage, adding detail with creative embroidery and fabric paint.

Wet felting
Be inspired by our woods or the legend of Midir and Etain and create a picture with unspun wool. Learn the felting process from planning your composition through to completed piece.

Clay inlay
Get inspiration from our Early Christian heritage and invent your own meaningful symbol to create with two colours of clay. Add texture and detail to complete your creation.

Be inspired by the built heritage of our beautiful village and create a series of mono-prints. Bring along photos of the village if you have some.

Collage – mixed media
Adults and children can collaborate on a mixed media collage based on objects from the heritage collection or our outside environment depending on the weather.

Clay slab-building
Create a clay vessel or relief plaque using the village of Ardagh as inspiration. Look closely at the details of the buildings: tiles, stones, weather vanes etc. Bring along your own photos if you have some.

Printing with odds and ends
Tour our heritage exhibition with our guide and gather your ideas. Work in groups on large sheets or on your own, using odds and ends to create a textured print inspired by the tour.

Drama of Art
Work together to recreate old photos and artworks from our collection using a selection of props, costumes and yourselves, then act out the scenarios.

Midir and Etain drama
Get dressed up in costume, listen to the narrator and act out the story of Midir and Etain.

Creative Writing
Be inspired by the legend of Midir and Etain, our Early Christian past or Famine times in the village then get tips on character and plot development in our creative writing workshop and write your own story or poem.

Woodland Creations (DPSM Science workshop. More details here.)
Take a walk in the woods, learn about the trees, plants and animals, gather leaves, sticks and other interesting natural objects then use these to create your own artwork.

Exploring Colour (DPSM Science workshop. More details here.)
Explore the properties of colour using a prism and coloured lights before mixing your own colours with paint and creating rainbow spinners.

Stop-motion animation (Half day or full day only)
Develop your own storyboards, create your sets and characters, shoot your frames and learn to edit and create your own animation.

If there is a specific craft you are interested in learning or improving please email and let us know and we will do our best to provide a course in the future subject to demand.